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These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. An unnamed first-person narrator informs the reader about a fellow townsperson named Richard Cory who never fails to look like a proper gentlemen whenever he leaves his home. The narrator provides a quick physical description of Mr.

Cory as slim.

Richard Cory, by Edwin Arlington Robinson Essay - Words | Bartleby

Next comes a description of his behavior that is slightly more robust than the physical, but only just. For instance, Mr.

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Cory was rich. He also makes a point of letting the reader know that Richard Cory was not some idiot who fell into an inheritance nor was he a spoiled rich jerk. In fact, his monetary wealth seems to have been perfectly matched with his graciousness, style and modesty. To repeat this sort of analysis for each of Robinson's poems would be as profitless as tedious to most readers, who will want to do it themselves if they want it done at all. We may, however, dwell a little on some of the patterns that the poet likes to follow. This fact fits in with what was said in the preceding chapter about Robinson's handling of the sonnet, and the quiet, unhurried close that he most often gives it ;as well as with what has been all along implied concerning his distaste for every sort of sensationalism.

But sometimes, as in Richard Cory, a different turn of mind reveals itself, perhaps sprung from the perception that life does have surprises, that sometimes only at the very last do we find the key piece that makes the hitherto puzzling picture all at once intelligible. In the Edwin-Emma-Hennan relationship, however, rivalry apparently developed into jealousy. To what extent that rivalry-jealousy pattern was subliminal is hard to say ;but not, by any means, was all of it so.

Significantly, Edwin wrote to Harry DeForest Smith as early as March 11, , betraying a conscious awareness of the conflict that continued: "Your third belated letter came Saturday, and I was glad to hear that you are coming home in a fortnight. In any case, knowing that the rivalry existed makes it easier to hear the bitter overtones in poems that seem indubitably to be portraits of Hennan Robinson.

How much more sharply the irony penetrates, though, if we know about the myth! It is double-edged. We have already seen, in an examination of those poems that reflect personal history, Robinson's involvement with the problem of failure in our lives.

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  • Why he devoted so many of his writing hours to this subject is not easily explained. Possibly he was motivated by his own failure to achieve recognition that he sought, a feeling that persisted in him for many frustrated years. Unquestionably, he was moved deeply by the tragic incidence of failure in the lives of his two brothers. It is apparent, however, that man as failure became for him a part of his cosmic view of the world he lived in.

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    How he treated his failure-figure, whose faces peered over the edge of his writing table, sometimes despondently, sometimes hopefully, is of greater significance. Broadly defined, the theme follows two patterns: one is the failure who seems to be beyond redemption, who does not, finally, possess the saving grace of character that would find favor in men's eyes, or who does not experience some inner change that would render less severe the general indictment against him. The other is the failure who for reasons of almost infinite variety is redeemed, exonerated, saved, or in whom the reader finds some aspect or some alteration of the inner man that lifts him from the shame of complete ignominy.

    The first of these types is not so numerous as the second, but he is distinctly marked, even then. While in another relationship Richard Cory was considered in the preceding chapter, he falls into the general class of the failure ;and the poem in which he is the central figure lives because it is a powerful statement of an inner, even if an undefined, tragedy in the life of one man. What private sense of failure, what personal recognition of his own inadequacy, or what secret unfulfilled longing drove Cory to suicide Robinson does not say ;he leaves the reason for his readers to determine.

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    Richard Cory - short lecture

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