Business process reengineering failure case study

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The benefits of BPR are countless — increased revenue, improved customer service, reduced cost, higher employee retention, faster processing time. Nearly any business benefit can be gained from business process reengineering. However, the key is when to use BPR. Here are some key times when you might want to think about obliterating your processes and starting fresh:.

Business process reengineering BPR is not a silver bullet to revive tangled up, sloppy processes. It fails when companies mistake BPR for a way to automate, downsize, or outsource. But due to factors like poor communication from leadership, prematurely letting go of employees, uncoordinated execution, and lack of awareness about BPR tools, the initiative failed to deliver results. The teams at TELECO did not follow the business process reengineering steps which ended up in a waste of money and time.

Business Process Reengineering Definition

Anna Sidorova and Suprateek Sarker. Business process management is the methodology of how to manage and optimize existing processes. Organizations often use business process improvement as a way to manage their on going processes. However, business process management BPR means essentially trashing the old process and starting fresh with a blank slate. Broadly speaking, business process reengineering steps can be put into a five-stage progressive plan:. Define Process Objectives Specify the goals you want to realize, and communicate clearly with all stakeholders.

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Identify Reengineering Enablers Is your culture ready for a change? Formulate A New Redesign Rewrite process prototypes by ignoring the existing process rules and finalize on the best fit. Execute The New Process Train team members on the new process and new tools to execute it. Once the new model is proved successful, convert to regular business process improvement. Think Cross-Functionally. Your process likely touches many departments.

2. Research Design

If you only try to change things within one department, your efforts may not make a difference. Organize around outcomes, not tasks. Focus on the outcome and the simplest way to get there. Let those closest to the work make the final decisions. There is tremendous insight in those people who have performed a function a thousand times over.


Ask them how improvements can be made and give them decision-making power. Capture information once, at the source. Much of the redundancies in processes involve the manual transfer and resubmission of data.

Collect the data once, and use IT systems to parse it out to every task after that. By proceeding, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Business Process Reengineering Definition If business process improvement is fine-tuning your car, then business process reengineering is doing a total engine overhaul.

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Published on Dec 13, Start over. In a manner of speaking, it is like projecting yourself into the future and asking yourself what should the process look like? What do my customers want it to look like? What do other employees want it to look like? How do best-in-class companies do it?

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