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The very fact alone that this era is characterized by patriarchal dominance and machismo is a strong enough qualification to label this outright as an anti Feminist story, without even going to the analysis of the story. The most obvious of all is the general tone and obvious patriarchal system of the story. There is a King who is high and mighty, and he rules over his subjects. The most loyal, admired and feared heroes are the Knights of the Round Table, whom, are all men. The Queen Guinevere is described as if she was a wall flower in all these brave bold display of masculine superiority, and is even deemed to be quiet, and not to say anything.

In some translations of the story she is even said to sit beside Gawain, and not beside his supposed husband. The mention in the text that she presides over the festivities is merely titular, if at all, a token too trifle. With such a patriarchal system, it follows that the story also shows phallocentrism.

An Analysis Of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Essay

When Sir Gawain left on his quest to fulfill his vow to the Green Knight, he came upon a castle, where the lord of the castle, Bertilak of Hautdesert told him to give to him whatever he gets in exchange for the game he hunted. While the lord is away, the lady of the castle is left idling away on the castle, and falls to seducing the visitor.

There is an imposition of impossible virtues to the women as patently due to a macho image and in contrast to how a man should be chivalrous and upright. The seduction of the Lady Bertilak as opposed to the chastity of Queen Guinevere is clearly a male imposed virtue and rule of morals to how women should act. Our tutors are highly qualified and vetted. Your matched tutor provides personalized help according to your question details.

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Cite all text taken from the book. If word by word, text must be in quotes to avoid plagiarism. Avoid long quotes. Paraphrase where possible; the paper is to reflect your thoughts and analysis.

The Structure of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Studypool values your privacy. Only questions posted as Public are visible on our website. Good luck in your study and if you need any further help in your assignments, please let me know. Always invite me to answer your questions. The plot overview of the story is about the events in which King Arthur, during the New Year Festivals refuses to indulge in eating until something marvelous happens.

As if by coincidence, a Green Knight comes forward asking that anyone who would be willing to engage in a game in which the person would strike the knight with his axe, and then one year to look for the knight and be struck back. The absurdity of the game makes most of the people to shy away, which makes the knight to tout eve Blog Policy Partnership. Your email and username must be different from your student account. Post a Question Provide details on what you need help with along with a budget and time limit.

Analytical essay sir gawain and the green knight

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This is a critical analysis paper; not a summary of the story or a research paper. Choose a narrow thesis since this is a short paper; if unsure, clear thesis with me.

Your thesis must be clearly stated in introduction paragraph; preferably first sentence. Provide citations from text. Any term that you define or concept that you explain must be followed by a source and the citation should be added to the Bibliography. In-text and Bibliography page citations should follow APA style. Concluding paragraph should tie everything together and restate your thesis. Tutor Answer.

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