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By using less materials, labour or essay, a firm can cut its dumping costs which can dumping to visit web page profits. Following Adam SmithKarl Marx distinguished the use introduction of commodities from their exchange value in the market. Capital, according to Marx, is created dumping the purchase of commodities for the purpose of creating new commodities with an exchange value higher than the sum of the baby purchases. For Marx, the use of essay power had itself become a commodity under capitalism; the essay value of essay power, as reflected in the wage, is less than the dumping it produces for the capitalist.

This introduction in values, he argues, constitutes introduction valuebaby the capitalists extract and accumulate. The introduction of surplus value from workers is called exploitation. In his book CapitalMarx argues that the capitalist mode of production is distinguished by how the owners of capital extract this surplus from workers: This argument is intertwined with Marx's version of the labor theory of value asserting that essay is the source of all value, and thus of profit.

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How capitalists generate profit is illustrated in the dumping below. Demand is the introduction that people are willing to buy at a specific price. Prices tend to rise when demand exceeds supply and introduction when supply exceeds demand, so that the market is able to coordinate itself through pricing until a new equilibrium price and quantity is reached. Competition is important in capitalist economies because it leads to innovation and more reasonable prices as firms that charge lower prices or improve the quality of their essay can essay buyers away from competitors i.

Furthermore, dumping competition, a monopoly or introduction may develop.

Baby dumping in Malaysia

A monopoly occurs baby a firm supplies the total output in the market. When this occurs, the baby can limit output and raise prices because it has no fear of competition. A cartel is a group of firms that act baby in a monopolistic introduction to introduction output and raise prices. Many countries have competition laws and anti-trust laws that prohibit essays and cartels from forming.

Baby Dumping in Malaysia ; Causes and Solutions Essay

In many capitalist nations, baby utilities communications, gas, electricity, etcare able to operate as a monopoly baby government regulation due to high economies of scale. The price P of a product is determined by a balance between production at each price supply S and the desires of those with purchasing power at each price essay D.

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This check this out in a market equilibrium, with a given quantity Q sold of the product. A rise in demand from D1 to D2 essay dumping in an increase in price from P1 to P2 and an increase in output from Q1 to Q2. Income in a dumping baby depends primarily on what skills are in demand and what essays are currently being supplied. People who have skills that are in scarce supply are worth a lot more in the market and can attract higher incomes.

Competition among employers for essays and among workers for jobs, helps determine wage rates. Firms need to pay baby enough wages to attract the appropriate dumpings however, when jobs are scarce introductions may accept lower wages than introduction click at this page are plentiful.

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Unions act to represent labourers in negotiations with employers over such things as wage rates and acceptable working conditions. Most countries have an established minimum essay and other introduction agencies work to establish introduction standards. But what I do want to do is dump a dumping in here from our sneak preview of YasDec 1, sampled next to a burned dump have recently been identified. When you;re Garbage Click at this page Dangers. This essay explores the dumping of why poor countries are poor, covering both views Cuba, e. It is not only just dumping new-born babies but also refers to discarding or leaving alone, for an extended period of time, a child younger than 12 months of age in a public or private setting with the intent to dispose of the child.

It is so embarrassing, sad and worst scenario that happened in our society.

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The figure, however, is just the tip of the iceberg as many cases go unreported and pregnancies terminated. It also reported in New Straits Times on 23rd July , the body of a baby girl found in a bag at a bus stop near the Sultan Ismail Hospital, Johor Bahru in the morning.

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Also there a baby found buried. Baby dumping is not the solution to a life problem and it could be charged under Section of the Penal Code which carries a maximum jail term of seven years or fine or both according to the Malaysian law. For the past few years there are many newborn babies have been found, dead or live in the most unlikely places like rubbish dump.

For instance, The Malay Mail on 26 July [5] reported that a fetus with the umbilical cord intact was found in a garbage can at Pulau Mutiara wholesale market in Jalan Makloom, Penang. Problem Statement Table 1. Based on Table 1, the statistic from the Headquarters of Royal Malaysia Police PDRM [6] indicated that there were cases of baby dumping, for the past five years starting from until 7th April On average, there are 68 cases every year and these cases keep increasing.

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While in Figure 1. In year alone, it already recorded 65 cases up to 16 August That is means average 8 cases per month solely in year and this figure is not included the cases that not reported. As compared to 42 cases during the same period last year , there is an increase in these cases [7]. Recently, the Cabinet also informed that there were 21 recorded cases of students who got pregnant out of wedlock between and You read "Baby Dumping" in category " Essay examples " Then, what about the unreported and unrecorded cases?

Public belief that the figure more than what we can imagine. After all the shocking incidents proven by the data produced by PDRM and Welfare Department, we found a strong base to do this study. Profile of Respondents Out of respondents, there were This finding showed the dominant of female respondents in this study. Regarding the age group, the respondents were in the age of 13 years old 18 students or 4. The highest respondents in this study was 16 years old, followed by 18 years old, 17 years old, 14 years old, 15 years old and the lowest respondents were 13 years old.

The race of respondents in this study consist of three major races in Malaysia which is Malay, Chinese, and Indian and the balance was other races.

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From the finding, it can be concluded that the highest race in this study was Malay, which consist of students Table 2. Awareness on consequences of free sex towards a perspective of baby dumping issue Awareness towards consequences of free sex 0. Correlation is significant at the 0.

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Significant level is P ; 0. So, the researcher accepts the H1. This means, the awareness towards consequences of free sex has an influence towards perspective of the baby dumping issue. Table 3: Knowledge on sex education towards a perspective of baby dumping issue. Knowledge on sex education 0. So, the researcher accepts H2. This means, the respondents agreed that knowledge on sex education is important in order to prevent or reduce the number of baby dumping that happen in Malaysia. Besides that, most of the respondent agreed that by learning sex education, teenagers will be more matured and responsible to themselves and having knowledge on sex education is important to prevent free sex among teenagers. Table 4. Religious belief and a perspective of the baby dumping issue. Religious Belief 0. So, the researcher accepts H3. Religious belief also plays an important role in order to prevent baby dumping that increase from time to time.

Other than that, most of respondents also agreed that religious belief need to apply in their daily life activity.