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In the next paragraphs you will notice who Alonzo Harris is and why he is different from his new employee in training Jake Hoyt.

Movie Training Day Denzel Washing Essay

In the movie Training Day Alonzo had lost his head and killed one of the Germans most important men, so he had to pay them a million dollars at midnight of Jake's training day or die. What Alonzo had to do is play above the law and be a worse cop than any other. But the only thing in his way is the want to be super cop Jake Hoyt.

In the movie Alonzo had told Jake that he had his day set up from the beginning. But Jake didn"t know he was just someone to be blame for what Alonzo needed to get before midnight.

Alonzo tried to explain to Jake that on these streets you have to be the wolf and not the rabbit, you got to know the streets, and not let the streets know you. Alonzo is really telling Jake to be a bad cop because that the only way he's going to survive on these streets.

Alonzo actually peer pressured Jake into doing something he did not know. By setting up an officer of your own you must be a crooked cop that does not care about any one but Alonzo. By Alonzo being a crooked cop made Jake a better cop than he is. This is what made the two different from each other.

Classic Review – Antoine Fuqua’s “Training Day” () – Plot and Theme

Jake learned from his mistakes but Alonzo never did. Below this paper will discuss the role of training in an organization's development, different employee development methods and their benefits, the relationship between employee development and organizational development, and the role of human resource management in career development.

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At the end of the paper the writer will also discuss and reflect on the writers own personal career development. Employee training is present-day and focuses on their current jobs and enriches their skills and abilities, that are needed to perform their current job duties.

When assigned to permanent The way Alonzo dresses shows a look of dominance. He can be viewed as a flat character well as a round character. Alonzo tries to keep the tough guy look for most of the film only showing one emotion. However at the end of the film, Alonzo does not have the tough guy look as he no one to help him in time of need.

Realism in the Movie, Training Day Essay

Throughout the movie Alonzo shows Jake who can help you and who cannot help you. He explains to Jake that you must be a wolf to protect the sheep. Alonzo refers to a wolf as one who is not affected by the little things.

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You are there to do one thing and to do that you need to be powerful. However, Jake soon learns that the job he takes is nothing that he presumed it would be.

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In my eyes, I believe that Alonzo turns into the antagonist as he creates problems with his corrupt cop behavior. Alonzo forces Jake into sticky situations where Jake knows that he has no business being in. Alonzo shows his power once again as he explains to Jake that is the way they do business. He has to learn that the world is corrupt and you just have to deal with it.

The way that Alonzo and his crew are portrayed makes them appear untouchable.

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The low angles of the camera with medium shots of their bodies makes then look powerful. Jake is shown outside the house where he is questioning his integrity and debates whether the job of a narcotics agent is right for him. The focus is on Jake while the rest of the police department is investigating the scene. Harris engages in a game of chess, sliding his pieces into place for an ambush at the end.

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When the pieces fall into place the entire movie becomes more than just a chronicle of bad men doing bad things; Harris is almost a modern MacBeth, a tragic hero of sorts. One can't help but feel a bit of empathy for a guy who must have begun his career with the highest moral character only to be tempted away from that pearly path by a few million greenbacks and an ego boost.

Yet he is fascinating to watch, and I caught myself thinking at one point--"So what? So he's stealing from drug dealers, murderers. Who cares?

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Training Day is adeptly directed, reasonably well-written, and just shocking enough to maintain interest. It's worth the DVD rental. Order from Amazon.