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This program comprises multiple and complimentary themes that will structure research collaborations and projects:. Theme 1: The spatial concentration of immigrant groups and consequences for the economic and social life of urban and regional communities. Theme 4: Negotiating settlement for newly arrived immigrants and experiences of locality and belonging in contemporary Australia.

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PhD projects will take a multi method and multi-disciplinary approach and will involve working with government, non-government and industry partners. The successful applicants will work with members of the focus group program and will be expected to advance one of the aforementioned key thematic areas.

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This PhD project is funded with a full, independent scholarship and PhD students will play in important role in advancing migration research at Monash University. All applicants must be able to demonstrate a capacity to carry out independent research and have adequate training and ability to pursue the proposed course of study.

The minimum qualifications for admission to PhD enrolment are:. It is normally expected that a grade of honours 2A has been obtained for the research thesis or project.

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Where ungraded, examiners' reports will be taken into account; or. As our projects cut across various disciplines, we will consider applicants who have majored in sociology, criminology, social psychology, urban studies, demography, human geography or community development. Preference will be given to students with quantitative experience. Applicants will be considered provided that they fulfil the criteria for PhD admission at Monash University.

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Candidates will be required to meet Monash entry requirements which include English-language skills. Scholarship holders must be enrolled full time and on campus. Please note applicants who already hold a PhD will not be considered.

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Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed, over Skype if necessary. A pioneer in her field, Professor Holman's memory is preserved in these medals struck in her honour. They are among the highest academic honours we bestow, and mark the recipients as researchers of the highest order.

The Vice-Chancellor's commendations for thesis excellence are awarded annually to outstanding doctoral and research masters students for thesis excellence. Up to five commendations are awarded each year. The preparation and publication of papers, arising from your research findings, is a crucial component of your research training.

To help make that happen, we offer the Postgraduate Publications Awards. This award provides a living allowance for up to eight weeks for research students whose theses are under examination and need time to write up research for publication. Skip to content Skip to navigation.

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