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If by "essay" we mean a punishment assigned in school, a brief bit of prose designed as a rhetorical proof of somebody else's ideas, then me, too: I hate those things.

Greatest American Essay Writers

Likewise if we mean criticism or article or knowitall op-ed, though I'll read them when they're pertinent or well-written. But if we mean what Samuel Johnson meant--a "loose sally of the mind; an irregular, undigested piece"--if we agree with Montaigne , the father of the form, that "it is a thorny undertaking And maybe others will find this form of writing viable, agreeable, enjoyable even! Still, as Robert Atwan laments in the foreword to last year's Best American Essays anthology, "It is extremely difficult to find a mainstream publisher who will commit to a book-length collection of essays on diverse subjects.

It's also why I'm glad to catch the buzz and participate in the subsequent discussions surrounding David Shields's latest, Reality Hunger: A Manifesto , in which the author dismisses the novel and salacious memoir, suggesting that the essay is the form for him and, by extension, for us.

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He writes:. The world exists. Why recreate it? I want to think about it, try to understand it. What I am is a wisdom junkie, knowing all along that wisdom is, in many ways, junk. I want a literature built entirely out of contemplation and revelation. As do I. So, in addition to the wonderful essays I read in dusty anthologies and crisp new journals, I write my own, on topics diverse and far-ranging, from garlic to hepatitis to laughter to gravity to singing to approximation to the euphoria one feels when faced with the vastness of the universe.

And I'm glad to have found one of the publishers still in love with literature, unconcerned with Oprah spots and Hollywood deals, willing to publish a collection by an unknown writer who aspires only to modest success as a minor essayist all essayists are minor essayists, my friend Brian Doyle reminds , to join the ranks of such faded luminaries as Agnes Repplier , Louise Imogen Guiney , Alice Meynell , Vernon Lee US Edition U. News U.

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He goes to follow, not just in the subsequent but in fact, portraying what personal has now become in a city that in past days was a Boardwalk Empire. I assume to those who keep going to join my "network".

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