Essay on teenage pregnancy and abortion

Studies have proven that abortions can lead to an increased chance of breast. Abortion a problem for teenage girls The purpose of this essay is to bring awareness to the medical procedure of abortion, which is a very dangerous procedure that needs to be solved. The target audience is those teenage girls that are deciding to abort using irrelevant procedures. This problem is an increasing trend that is affecting younger and younger girls as time passes due to poor sex education involvement in schools, and family discussions.

Sometimes girls have rational reasons of why they. This means that every four in ten women who find out they are pregnant unintentionally decide to not continue with the pregnancy. This equates to four out of every ten unplanned child being killed and not having a chance at a precious life Abortions. Although many abortions occur each day, not everyone believes that abortion is really a problem. Truthfully, it is just like murder.

Just as the country needs to limit the crime rate, the rate at which abortions take place need. This topic is important for the morality of expectant mothers that are dealing with issues of feticide. In recent elections, abortion has become a main point of interest for democrats and republicans. Democrats are mainly pro-choice, while the republicans are preponderantly pro-life affiliates.

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Different arguments have been discussed as to why abortion should be legal, however, pro-choice. Abortion is a term use for terminating a human pregnancy, which most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. According to the survey that Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada have conducted in , there is a total of 82, Canadians has had an abortion. Abortion should be legalized due to specific circumstances like incidents, disabilities, and teenage pregnancy. Rape is an act sexual intercourse without the consent of the victim.

When a woman gets raped, she experiences Rape. The Aftermath of an Abortion To have abortion or not is a very difficult choice to make. The final choice comes from religious and ethical beliefs. However, to have an abortion means to participate in a horrendous crime against humanity, God, and oneself. A baby requires adequate medical attention and warm clothing that can prevent them from chest diseases and problems.

Teens may also choose to have an abortion because they may feel that they are not mature enough and responsible to handle babies. This has been a major reason among the youths since those who also father the babies are young and are not mature enough to take care of the woman and the baby. According to a research which was undertaken by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the young babies of teen mothers are under weight and normally can die at an early age than those of mature mothers.

In conjunction to these, children face a lot of risks like parents neglecting them, being abandoned and they can also be exposed to child abuse. Teens that carry out an abortion are said to have made responsible decisions since there are consequences accompanying those children born by teen parent. These children are seen to be poor performers in school and they are more likely to drop out of school.

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Teens also choose to have abortions because of their social status, most teens coming from high class families have abortions, for the family reputation to be kept and for them to continue with their education. Teens from poor backgrounds may not be in a position to pay for abortion services and as such they surrender and have their babies. This is also facilitated by the fact that teens lives impact on their mothers or parents lives.

Parents feel that teen's educational plans are disrupted and believe that their daughters can raise their children in abject poverty. Availability of abortion providers influences a teen's choice to go for an abortion. In states where abortionists are all over teens go for abortion while in some areas where you have to travel far looking for them.

Teens that know and understand the consequences of abortion do not attempt abortion which others may assume.

Abortion results to both spiritual and physical effects, which, if one takes this into consideration can not think of aborting a baby. This is according to a research reported in the America journal of psychiatry, the research states that patients who were well before they aborted later experiences psychoses caused by the guilty of doing abortion. This results to regrets and self condemnation and also ruins personal relationship with God. Thus, when a clever teen remember this she decides to avoid the vice as it results to permanent stigmas and un-forgiveness.

Although, there are those who assume and go on to abort their babies because of their religious background. In the western world one out six who abort describes themselves as evangelicals meaning that teens no longer adhere to their Christian moral teaching and they no longer fear sin. However, the physical effects associated with abortion, make one not to undertake it as a solution to the problem at hand.

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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

Most organizations and solution providers ignore thinking, do not change their mindset, attempts to solve organizational problems inevitably fail. Introduction of the problem abortion and teenage pregnancy "The right of so-called abortion allows men to face mothers, children and women, whose violence and discord are at the heart of the most intimate relationship.

Role contempt depicts the greatest gift - child - as a competitor, invasion and inconvenience and nominally gives the mother unrestricted right to dominate dependence on physical dependence. Today we have serious problems in teens pregnancy and abortion.