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Thesis: Wilde brings Dorian Gray to life in the novel as a malleable, charming and egotistical dandy whose hedonistic pursuits weave a path to moral turpitude. Malleable A. It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible Strong Essays words 5 pages Preview. In God in America: The New Adam, egocentrism, believing that our vision and ideas are the only truths, can inhibit us from opening ourselves from new ideas and cultures and can even cause gregarious tension and discord between two different cultures of people In this modern era novel Basil Hallward is a benevolent artist who paints a portrait of the young attractive man named Dorian Gray.

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After speaking with Lord Henry Wotton, Dorian makes a wish while looking at his painting and it would be this wish that turned into a curse that ruined Dorian for Basil and ruined the world itself for Dorian In this paper I will example some of these images and symbols in the novel by using the mythological and archetypical approach to literature.

Filling minds with paranoia, creeping into the darkest parts of the human psyche, and starring as the lead role in many nightmares, monsters terrorize the happiness and sanity of daily life. The texts show us two individuals that are influenced by the outside world to make monstrous decisions.

In Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, a scientist with the intention to bring about life to the world ends up bringing about a hideous creature. The scientist, Victor Frankenstein, is horrified by what he has created and wants nothing to do with him, which causes him to become a terrible human being The feminine side is portrayed as negative, powerless, and lacking Kileen Society discouraged women from having power in society and neglecting women represented normal in the eyes of most men and women. However, Victorian novels such as The Picture of Dorian Gray illustrate the consequences of disregarding women.

In Oscar Wilde 's The Picture of Dorian Gray and Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein, Dorian and the monster contain overpowering characteristics including the desire to obtain a masculine, physical appearance while maintaining skewed views on inward beauty in which both can be seen as monstrous if taken too far. Dorian and the monster strive for societal acceptance; meanwhile, they do not know how to act in order to receive this acceptance due to underdevelopment in emotion and mental masculinity Dorian pledges his soul in order to trade his inevitable aging with the aging of his portrait, and this leads to the death of his humanity and eventually his own bodily death.

I believe that Dorian is poisoned by Lord Henry 's idea 's of hedonism and cherishing youth above all, and this acts as the agent that slowly but surely kills Gray. When Lord Henry first meets Gray, he instills an obsession with youth in him, and leads him to believe that it is the most important part of Gray In the beginning it seems to be a quaint novel on artistry and the paradoxical relationship between two lifelong friends by the name of Basil Hallward and Lord Henry.

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  • The plot takes a surprising twist when introduced to the real center of attention, the character of the seemingly innocent Dorian Gray Better Essays words 2 pages Preview. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. Anais is expounding upon the inconsistency all people have in aspects of their personalities.

    Some days a person may be hailed as a saint for their actions, while other days they seem absolutely evil. In most literature, characters are defined as good or evil based on their revealed thoughts and actions Powerful Essays words 5. With this idea at its forefront, art suddenly inundated places where art was never previously found, such as social education and morality. In contrast, Oscar Wilde was a key advocate of an idea known aestheticism, a concept that relied on art simply being art.

    Oscar Wilde played a major role in Victorian England, having a major influence through his writing Term Papers words 6. While I understand the setting and the characters were a reflection of the actual class distinctions during the Victorian time period, I found the shallowness and narcissism of Dorian Gray and his circle of acquaintances tedious.

    Throughout the novel Dorian aspires to be superior to the painting because of the many sins that are reflected through it. The portrait becomes more hideous because Dorian is extremely corrupted with looks and sex. Between Lord Henry and the painting Dorian truly becomes a monster. Dorian takes in the superficial ideas of life, hoping to reinvent himself, and become a completely different person One purpose in the book shows how individuals can slowly deteriorate because of the evil lying within themselves. The major purpose of this novel is how much power art has over others.

    When an artist composes a great piece of work, he puts his heart into it. Good Essays words 1. As Dorian slowly loses his innocence, with the obsession of living hedonistically, his portrait suffers the punishment for his sins and growing age. Dorian himself remains untouched in age; however, the portrait reflects the loss of innocence in his pursuit of atheistic and hedonistic lifestyle He is a young and good looking male. He has a normal life till he met Basil and Lord Henry. He now receives the Call of Adventure. When he met Basil at a party, they become friends and everything is still good until he met Lord Henry.

    He captured the imagination of Basil and for Lord Henry is how he knows that Dorian can do anything with his looks and perfection Wilde himself went through these phases of life and wanted to push views of his reality onto his audience. He portrays several characters through the means of moral corruption over aestheticism while pushing his own controversial ideas and the limits of social normality, such as living indefinitely and homosexuality, over the audience of his era This love for Dorian is an example of Greek love or boy love that would have been popular during the late Victorian age, especially with the decadence.

    However, this love would have been frowned upon and in the case of Wilde, legally held against him.

    THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY - The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde - Full audiobook

    In the first chapter of the novel, Basil and Harry began speaking about Dorian. Basil tells Harry of his feelings toward Dorian: The merely visible presence of this lad—for he seems to me little more than a lad, though he is really over twenty—his merely visible presence—ah Art allows one to express themselves through a thousand mediums using all five senses. It allows words that are not meant to be spoken, to be expressed, and ideas not meant to be thought, imagined Oscar Wilde liked people to think he was right.

    He had the uncanny ability of saying something that sounded good and then doing the exact opposite. Genius or not, Wilde knew how to put together a sentence.

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    His life was one for the books, and his book, The Picture of Dorian Gray, is one ripe for the analysis Powerful Essays words 8. The theme is very much reflected by the book's setting, plot structure and characterisation. It shows how individuals can slowly deteriorate because of the evil lying within themselves. The evil of this book is the evil created by one's self and thrusted upon one's self.

    The power of greed and selfishness take over Dorian Gray and create an ugly evil side to him. The mid eighteenth century was a very influential era, specially in England Free Essays words 2. Powerful Essays words 6. Though there were numerous customs and guidelines, certain behaviors were prohibited as they were seen as inappropriate for various reasons, ranging from subtle flirtation to outright indecency.

    Compatibility of the picture of Dorian grey with canonical literature

    It was in that time period that floriography, also known as the language of flowers, became commonplace in their culture Research Papers words 7. By employing the themes of impulse, boredom, and hypocrisy during the Victorian era both Wilde and Baudelaire argue that a yearning desire for wickedness lies in all human beings and once evil becomes habit the only escape from consequence is death.

    Through the incorporation of symbolism, Baudelaire and Wilde both echo how sin innately drives human impulse The genre of this novel can be classified as a comedy of manners or a gothic novel.


    Thesis (Bachelor's)

    Another version with an additional six chapters was published in One of the major themes in the novel was the Supremacy of Beauty and Youth. A very attractive man has a portrait painted of himself, and after being warned of the mortality of his youth the man, Dorian, trades his soul to remain young while his portrait bears the markings of his age and evil deeds Term Papers words 5 pages Preview.

    This decadent masterpiece is anything but a vehicle for the propagation of middle-class morality. We have in Wilde the ultimate aesthete, a disciple of Walter Pater, a dandy who in his personal life seems to have lived out Pater's quiet injunction to "burn with that hard, gemlike flame" in experiencing art and, no doubt, other things. Hypnotized to believe that intellect is stupidity and love is just decoration is the message and satire that Oscar Wilde is trying to convey.

    None, perfection, the goal we all reach for, yet is it really attainable to become perfect without giving something in return, possibly your soul. We see the tragedy of a young beautiful Englishman, Dorian Gray, who becomes a vain sinner dedicated to pleasure. Dorian's inner secrets and weakness of mind becomes his downfall. In this novel Dorian Gray's apparent perfection is destroyed by his weakness of mind and naiiveness, which becomes the downfall of his soul as his mind is opened to sin and Hedonism by Lord Henry Wotton The child is pure and innocent.

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    It is naive to its surroundings, depending on the guidance of those around it to show it the way. When a child is born, most are accompanied by loving nurses, doctors, and parents. The moment this child encounters these other beings, the influences upon the individual begins. Their parents and peers influence their personas and ultimately who they become Powerful Essays words 4. Dorian's quest, however, culminates in his ultimate tragic destruction.

    Essay: The Picture of Dorian Gray: Corruption Through Aestheticism

    Given that Dorian lives a corrupt life, one is likely to focus on the negative aspects of his character. In spite of his significant character flaws, Dorian Gray may still be considered a hero. This essay will examine Dorian's degradation from the innocent world to the vicious, sensation-oriented world. It is said that something is beauitful than it's not confined to realm of morality and immorality. He beautiful people are immoral. So he purse his curiosity of pleasure by using his body. As a temple of beauty his body it used for exotic pleasure for his twisted mind.

    Also he tried to evade other moral laws to the purse of pleasure. His soul is unclean of sin and ugliness of a pleasure life. Dorian Gray's innocence's of youthful mind is destroyed Free Essays words 1. Oscar Wilde himself purposefully filled his novel with a great many direct and indirect allusions to the literary culture of his times, so it seems appropriate to look back at his story - both the novel and the film version - in this way.

    A temptation is placed before Dorian, as with Faust, and he falls for it--offering up his soul to get it Free Essays words 9.