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Our signature case method participant-based learning model ensures that you will get to know each other very well. The bonds you collectively create throughout this shared experience will be lasting. Introduce yourself. HBS doesn't impose a word limit, but she recommends keeping your answer to a concise 1, words or less.

Your first priority should be evaluating all aspects of your candidacy, Blackman says, including: The story your resume tells; what your recommendations would say about you, and how your transcript communicates your skills, accomplishments, and interests.

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To successfully sell yourself, discipline is crucial. You should pick two or three personality traits that you possess and are able to back up with concrete anecdotes, Blackman says. Leadership is the "big kahuna" at HBS, so telling the story of an accomplishment you've made as a leader is a good idea. Just answer the question in clear language that those of us who don't know your world can understand.

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How do you expect the joint degree experience to benefit you on both a professional and a personal level? It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all recommendations are submitted online by the deadline date for the round in which the applicant is applying.

Use your best judgment on who you decide to ask - there is no set formula for who should be your recommenders. We know it is not always possible to have a direct supervisor write your recommendation — we would not want you to jeopardize your current position for the application process.

Look at the questions we are asking recommenders to complete. Find people who know you well enough to answer them. This can be a former supervisor, a colleague, someone you collaborate on an activity outside of work. How well a person knows you should take priority over level of seniority or HBS alumni status. How do the candidate's performance, potential, background, or personal qualities compare to those of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles?

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Please provide specific examples. Please describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the applicant. Please detail the circumstances and the applicant's response. This can be your standard business resume or CV. You do not need to have it in any special format. You can use whatever you would use to conduct a job search. After your written application has been submitted and reviewed, you may be invited to interview. The interview is a positive indicator of interest, but is not a guarantee of admission; it serves as one element among many that are considered as we complete a final review of your candidacy.

HBS 12222 MBA Application Dates and Deadlines

All interviews are conducted by invitation only, at the discretion of the Admissions Board. If invited, however, you must participate in order to complete the application process.

No cookie-cutter formula was evident. There was no paint-by-the-numbers approach. If a pattern of any kind could be discerned, it was how genuine the essays read. Reading about the doors people are opening in their lives was very moving. It made me feel like mine was a bit drier than it could have been.

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It was a thrill to read all of them and see the diversity of people coming into the classroom. In retrospect, Hind, who will enter his second year at HBS in a couple of weeks, thinks his essay was too boastful. But after reading these other essays, I think my main reaction was that I talked myself up too much. And if you tried to draw a list of five things all essays have in common you would really struggle because there is enormous diversity.

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All proceeds go to support the non-profit Harbus Foundation. All of them are included in the new Essay Guide , along with a fat paragraph of analysis on each essay. Hind, a former consultant with BCG, and Eshete, who has worked across five different divisions of a major health care company, Abbott Labs, used the products when they applied to HBS.

How I Got Into The MBA At Harvard Business School—And 4 Ways You Can Too

Of course, one big issue with the latest essays is that they address a different question. The 16 essays, altered only to protect the confidentiality of the students who wrote them, offer a glimpse into the different ways successful applicants have surmounted the hurdle of differentiating themselves to an admissions team that in any given year reads nearly 10, essays.

No less intriguing, however, is that each essay includes a short statement from its author who explains what it took to get the essay done.