Macbeth comparing the play vs movie essay

Somehow this will make the guilt and betrayal less. Macbeth changes throughout as his character develops, in comparison to the relationship between Duncan and Macbeth in the film adaptation is to a certain extent, unalike.

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It suggests to the audience that the film is going to be about good and evil and that you sometimes can not tell the difference between the two. Together with the thunder and lighting of the Shakespeare text, the witches would have created quite a spectacle on the Elizabethan stage.

Movie Adaptations

In act 1 scene 3 the witches are playing with the wind and controlling the entry of ships to certain ports. The witches seem not to have a great deal of power:.

Shakespeare could have made Macbeth say this to suggest that the witches have already in some way influenced Macbeth or it could be just a coincidence. It is ambiguous. Macbeth is fascinated and tempted by the prospect of being Thane of Cawdor and also by the prospect of being the King of Scotland: this is alluring to him. The witches are aware of what is already pre-ordained for Macbeth. Macbeth is overwhelmed by this prophecy and it brings out the fatal flaw in his personality: ruthless ambition. Some of this language in act 1 scene 3 is obscure and difficult to understand, and it could be that Polkanski does this to make the film more accessible to a modern audience.

However, he could have left some of this language in if he thought that witchcraft was important in Macbeth. Their meeting place is not the heath as referred to in the text, but a bleak beach. They then pour blood from a small bottle on to the sand where the items are buried. The knife symbolises the knife that Macbeth sees when he hallucinates later on in the play, just before he murders Duncan.

A Comparison Of Shakespeare's Macbeth And Rupert Goold's Film Adaptation

This is shown by the items buried in the sand. In the opening of the film there is a beautiful sunrise against a beach. The colours are exquisite, relaxing, and serene. This changes dramatically and quickly in quite an unreal way to a dark, bleak beach. This creates a dark and eerie mood that sets the tone for the introduction of the witches.

One is a young woman, one is an old woman, and one is an old blind woman.

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They all look ugly and lurid. When the witches chant:. This suggests to the audience that the witches are in harmony with one another and are telepathic in some way. The location in the beginning of the film is desolate.

Compare Macbeth to a Film Adaptation ⇒ Free Book Summary

It seems to have been chosen by Polanski to make the witches seem strange. In the opening of the film there is no title theme. This makes the film stand out as being quite unusual.

When the audience sees the witches on screen for the first time they are dramatic enough and therefore do not need an opening theme.