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How can I study with integrity? Test your understanding Find out more Case note assignment Understanding case notes and marker expectations Identifying the elements of a case note Finding materials Analysing materials Better writing Summary Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Health Sciences case report Reflective writing and critical incidents Writing in Psychological Medicine 1.

Case history 2. Mental state examination 3. Physical examination 4. Summary and diagnosis 5.

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Formulation 6. Management Writing an annotated bibliography Poster presentation Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Essay writing in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science Reflective practice in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Science Writing a Science lab report The stand-alone literature review The annotated bibliography The poster presentation. Introduction to essay writing at university A university essay can be thought of as an extended answer to a question.

This tutorial This tutorial will teach you how to effectively structure an essay. University essays are discursive and analytical. They need to be written in appropriate language and carefully referenced.

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You marker will be looking out for errors, so make sure you have plenty of time to check your work meticulously. To write a great essay, you need to control your ideas to produce a critical discussion that is well-supported with evidence from your reading and focuses on the brief.

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The advice in this guide will help you to do that. Study Advice Helping students to achieve study success with guides, video tutorials, seminars and one-to-one advice sessions. Academic writing LibGuide Expert guidance on punctuation, grammar, writing style and proof-reading.

Guide to citing references Includes guidance on why, when and how to use references correctly in your academic writing.