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In conclusion, we might restate that the movie Mona Lisa Smile had the potential of great success with great star and writer director cast and an excellent theme. Yet the movie failed to make an impact that it should have probably because it failed to connect to the audience.

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Homework assignments help Write my papers for me. This is the kind of school which actually offers classes in deportment, grooming and table setting, and the teacher of those classes, Nancy Abbey Marcia Gay Harden takes them so seriously that we begin to understand the system that produced Cathy Whitaker, Julianne Moore's showpiece wife in last year's "Far From Heaven. Of course the board of trustees is suspicious of Katherine Watson, modern art and everything else that is potentially "subversive," and resistance among the undergraduates is led by Betty Kirsten Dunst , whose mother is a trustee, whose plans include marrying an upward-bound but morally shifty Harvard man, and whose editorials in the school paper suggest Watson is leading her girls in the direction of communism and, worse, promiscuity.

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A school nurse who gives advice on contraception has to leave her job. We are pretty sure what the story parabola of "Mona Lisa Smile" will be the inspiring teacher will overcome adversity to enlighten and guide , but the movie is more observant and thoughtful than we expect.

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It doesn't just grind out the formula, but seems more like the record of an actual school year than about the needs of the plot. In the delicate dance of audience identification, we get to be both the teacher and her students -- to imagine ourselves as a free spirit in a closed system, and as a student whose life is forever changed by her.

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But, you're wondering, how can I identify with a 30ish teacher and her 20ish female students? Don't you find yourself identifying with just about anybody on the screen, if the movie is really working?

Katherine Watson is smart and brave and stands by her beliefs, and so of course she reminds us of ourselves.