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Creditors have always sought the protection of th… More. Book Steven Holloway's work is the first monograph dev… More. Michele Daviau. This volume presents a functional and typological… More. To Your Tents, O Israel! For almost a century scholars have been perplexed… More.

Ancient Israelite Cosmology and the Ancient Near East

Cultu by Lawrence H. Randall Garr. This book is about nothing less than Genesis 1, o… More. Thutmose III s 15th c. This volume deals with historical and exegetical… More. Subject of this book is the god Dagan biblical D… More. Excavations at Mendes: Volume 1. This volume constitutes the final report on the e… More. Shelve Excavations at Mendes: Volume 1. The book presents the results of a complete and d… More. The volume presents the results of a detailed sur… More. Hillers by Eleonora Cussini. A Journey to Palmyra originates from the desire to remem… More.

This volume consists of philological and literary… More.

Prophetic Divination

Paul on the Bible and the Ancient Near East The excavations at el-Ahwat constitute a unique a… More. This volume explores the Iron Age Phrygian rock-c… More. Winter by Her Students by Marian H. Through her published works and in the classroom,… More. Winter by Her Students. This pioneering study surveys all Lower Strat… More. This volume deals with the ancient Anatolian text… More. This book examines modes of economic contribution… More. This book contains a new epigraphic, philological… More.

This collection of new studies in the archaeology… More.

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This volume covers, for the first time, the inter… More. This volume of collected essays brings together f… More. This second volume of collected essays, complemen… More. Literature begins at Sumer, we may say. Given tha… More. Shelve The World's Oldest Literature. Exploring the military, legal, social and literar… More. Murnane by P. Altman, A.

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    Studies on war in the ancient Near East: Collected essays on military history

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