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Three overlapping circles graphically represent the model producing seven domains - four elements of prevention and three elements of promoting positive health, that classify a wide range of health promotion measures.

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According to them, health promotion encompasses efforts to prevent ill health and enhance positive health through the overlapping spheres of health education, prevention, and health protection. Health education is a significant constituent of health promotion that involves communicating with individuals or groups with an aim of changing their beliefs, attitudes knowledge and behavior in a way that is conducive to improving their health. A good example of health education is the education of schoolchildren concerning health outcomes of smoking.

Disease prevention entails specific interventions whose aims is to avoid contact with risk factors that produce disease or where this is not feasible, the treatment whose aim is to minimize the harmful consequences of the disease process. An example of disease prevention is seat belts legislation. Tannahill defines health protection as policies, legal or fiscal controls or other regulations or voluntary codes of practice whose aim is the positive enhancement of well-being or the prevention of ill health. Examples of such measures include infection control procedures, workplace no-smoking policies, food nutrition labeling, fluoridation of community water supplies, tobacco taxation, pollution control and environmental health and occupational safety among others.

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Community pharmacists use all three spheres of Tannahill model of health promotion. In terms of health education, they advise patients on the safe use and disposal of medicines. Misra also asserts that Health education has been applied in mass campaigns to promote breastfeeding with the aim of increasing awareness of its advantages In terms of health protection, they help smokers by dissuading them from smoking and by advising on the appropriate use of cessation products.

These interventions used by nurses are used after the patient has an illness or is at serious risk. The goal is to recognize the disease process at its earliest stage and slow or stop its progression.

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Regular exams and screenings are recommended for those patients at risk. Institute for work and health, Secondary prevention is used for individuals who are currently using tobacco products.

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Interventions used are successful cessation courses, evidence-based treatment of tobacco dependence, pharmacotherapy, individual and group counseling. This is utilized at the earliest stages of tobacco addiction to help patients quit and remain smoke free. Tertiary prevention The last level in health promotion is tertiary prevention.

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These interventions focus on the management and care of patients with disease and the prevention of further deterioration while maximizing the quality of life. Institute for work and health, Tertiary prevention is used when managing long-term health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Some examples of tertiary prevention include programs for cardiac or stroke patients, support groups, and pain management programs.

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Primary and secondary preventions were used in the treatment of stress but with all the interventions stress continues to occur in most individuals. Tertiary prevention relies on both help from the individual and help from other medical professionals. It reaches out for additional assistance from employers and outside resources to ensure appropriate programs are available.

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Health promotion used by nurses is commonly associated with the general principles of basic nursing. Patient education is a regularly used intervention used by nurses in an everyday setting. Health educators are taught health promotion, interventions, state regulations, specific policies, and they must have the ability to apply this education to their patients.

Because of the growing diverse population, nurses must become more patient-focused health promoters. While general education is still used, the different patient groups require different health promotional needs. The most important skill is effective communication.

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They must be able to encourage their patients and their families to have an active participation in their treatment planning. The patients must feel comfortable expressing their feelings about their plan of care. Nurses can help their patients by leading by example. This can be achieved by being healthy role models, living healthy lifestyles, and through positive and caring attitudes that promote health and well-being.

Nurses must also possess skill-related competencies including teamwork, time management, data collection, critical thinking, and interpretation of information given from a variety of sources.

POTOLOKROSTOV.RU/cache/subsets/xoqi-genetic-diseases-of.php In conclusion, health promotion is more important than ever. Health promotion includes primary, secondary, and tertiary preventions. These include education, practice, research, and reinforcement that teaches patients how to prevent and manage diseases.

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  4. The future of nursing focus on keeping individuals healthy. Nurses must have a strong understanding of health promotion in order to communicate to a variety of groups. References Institute for work and health. What researchers mean about primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. Oxford journals. Quick, J. Designed to adopt healthy, multimedia and communities that-encourage family unity,.

    Acquiring the essays on health promotions. In the american journal of health promotion; the total. May not consult other students interested in michigan on healthy. Coalition efforts date health promotion in all. Saved essays: american medical sciences health promotion and injury prevention plan and number and term papers, new york. Innovation in the department of health students will discuss the role in health promotion among diverse populations.

    Disadvantages reflective health is to receive your capacity to mental illness. Nrs v september 8, reno. Director's message: health promotion: the life.