Nyu application essay 2012

After that, you religiously read the news every day and began writing your own stories at the age of thirteen. The NYU journalism major is perfect for you because it pairs journalism with a study abroad, which would allow you to pursue your dream of writing about the culture and politics in other countries.

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Instead, you want to spend more time focusing on what NYU has to offer for that specific major, with a tidbit thrown in on why you want to pursue that major if you have enough space. More like this:. The NYU journalism major is perfect for me because it pairs journalism with a study abroad, which would allow me to pursue my dream of writing about the culture and politics in other countries. Why is this better? However, it saves a lot of space by removing the backstory of how you originally chose that major. Talk about how NYU will allow you to experiment with your interests while narrowing in on a potential major.

Be specific! At this point, you will have addressed all the main components of the prompt. A much more effective way to write the essay is to talk about all three subjects within one coherent essay. Notice how this example mentions why New York, why Stern, and why marketing although this last component is fairly brief and does need to be expanded upon without explicitly breaking it up into those sections. So there you have it! Read on if you are! Note that your responses to these prompts are usually to be submitted with your portfolio, via SlideRoom.

Find every essay for the schools you're applying to and manage the writing process with expert tips along the way. Keep in mind that the purpose of this essay is to demonstrate how an applicant thinks. Prove that you deserve a spot in their school. Choosing a specific film or director is the safer route, but ensure that you have unique things to say on the topic.

They need to be your unique thoughts and perspectives. Choosing a film-related topic of your choice provides more freedom, and you may find yourself more passionate about the subject. However, be careful not to ramble or lose focus. This will be the focus of your essay. A strong thesis has multiple subsections that all relate nicely. Each paragraph of your essay needs to return to this thesis in some way. This thesis has multiple directions in which it can be taken. You can write multiple paragraphs about the recurrence of time and sleep in his films, which can lead to how this makes his films unique.

You can also include commentary on how these themes are relevant to society today. You might decide to include research or opinions from other sources. If you do so, be sure to include proper in-text citations and a works cited page. They want to know your thoughts. They want to see how you think. In short, the more unique you can make the essay—the truer to how you think—the better the insight the admissions officer will get into you as an applicant. One other thing to note: if you have worked on a film project of your own, and you feel you can write five or more pages on the topic, this would be an excellent opportunity to do so.

They want to see that you have experience.


Are you self-taught? Tell them! Have you been taking classes since you could walk? Talk about that! Again, here is your opportunity to show passion. Why do they interest you?

My College Admissions Essay: New York University- NYU- Stern School of Business

How have you pursued these interests making sure to phrase this in a way that shows your drive and experience without straying too far from the prompt? If you feel like being sneaky, you can throw in a line or two about how you intend to pursue these interests at college. Be as specific as possible. Overall, be as detailed as possible, answer their questions, and stay within one page.

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Note that a story about how you did all the work yourself is not the same as leadership and would be frowned upon. Prove that you understand the value of collaboration. In either case, a potential format could be to discuss an obstacle that was remedied either by your leadership or by productive collaboration.

How did you respond? How did it change you? While the event itself will involve adversity, make sure you pull some kind of good from it. End with themes of hope or perseverance. If you decide to describe hardship someone close to you faced, tread carefully.

Heimat- und Wanderakademie

Remember that you, not the person you are close to, is trying to gain admission. What brought about this event?


How has it changed your outlook on life? Avoid cliches! Instead, just be true to yourself. Talk about what you really gained from the event. Has it impacted your life in tangible ways? Talk about that. Be sure to make this essay as anecdotal as possible, while staying true to the facts. You want it to read like a story. A true story.

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This prompt is pretty straightforward. If you have a work of art that changed the way you think, impacted you in some way, or was even just so profound that it stuck with you, talk about it. How did it change the way you think? How did it impact you?

Apply for Admission

Why did it stick with you? The other aspect of this prompt is to talk about how it has inspired or influenced your own work. Why did it inspire you? In what sense has it inspired you? Do you see stylistic influences in your own work? This is also an opportunity to discuss your own creations, as long as it relates back to the prompt. Make sure to answer each aspect of that first sentence, including:. Moving on to the second sentence: what do you hope to study and write about? This is similar to the last part of the previous sentence, and it just shows you how important the answer is to them.

Something vague or generic is not going to get you in.