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Do you like your job and plan making it your lifelong activity? What would you advise someone who is about to start making a career similar to yours? What was your most painful lessons in life and career path? How have you perceived that experience? What were you missed opportunities, do you regret them?

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Which historical personality do you respect the most and why? What used to bring happy moments in your past and that you would like to repeat? Would you like to change the country or city you live in? Would you like to live in different epoch and why? Of course this is not all the list of questions, only sky is the limit, but we list the most interesting of them to give you an idea.

You can modify them, add new ones or even create your own ones to adjust your perfect interview questions list. Here are few significant tips that we suggest you to follow while writing your profile paper.

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Learn from the best practices: The best thing you can do before starting doing anything about your essay is to read other profile essays and embrace their experience. Writing about well known objects is good but there is no wonder in reflecting subjects everyone know about. There are many less known sophisticated individuals and places that deserve social recognition, why not to focus on them?

It is the right type of essay to use your journalist skills. In fact, you can make interview not only for the profile essay on a person, but profiling an event or a place. You can enrich your paper interviewing event participants or someone having attitude to the place you are writing about.

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Profile essay is aimed at creating a profile on a person, event or a place. This type of essay centers an object it describes and reviews it from different points with some analytical approach. Profile essay on a place implies creating a profile paper on a place. What is a Profile Essay? Profile Essay Outline Writing a profile essay outline differs depending on what the essay covers. It implies to have: 1.

Introduction Hook; Thesis Statement; Supporting statements and sentences. Background First supporting idea; Second supporting idea; Whatever next supporting idea 3. Achievements and influence First supporting idea; Second supporting idea; Another supporting idea; 4.

Community Profiling

Conclusion Concluding summary; Final point of view. How to write a thesis statement for a profile essay Before we start discussing how to write a thesis statement for a profile essay let us clarify what it is. When writing thesis statement try keeping up with the following: Understanding the topic and the goal of the essay; Be specific; Keep the statement position; Persuade flexibility. Only However the statistics are representative of the average household in the area and some housing is in a very bad state of dilapidation and disrepair.

The socio-economic group of head of household in Grove Hill is disproportionately dominated by the lower status and lower paid sectors of employment, unskilled These figures show that Grove Hill residents are considerably disadvantaged in the work place in terms of status and pay when compared with local and national figures. Unemployment rates are This equates to men and 40 women unemployed in the Ward. This category accounts for a further Josephs R.

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There are no secondary schools situated directly in the Ward area, therefore most school aged children face a bus journey to one of the local schools, most of which are within a 6 mile radius. These include Brackenhoe, Kings Manor, St. HNC in association with University of Teeside. Middlesbrough Average, National Average. Despite this optimistic outlook the picture of health for residents is not so rosy. A disappointing Grove Hill Limited is a vehicle for driving forward change physical, social and environmental in the local community.

This regeneration scheme is managed by a partnership which includes the council, probation service, Teesside Council for Voluntary Services TCVS and is lead by a community based company, Grove Hill GH offers projects which are designed to meet the needs of local residents, these include offering training courses especially I. All projects designed to generally improve the socio-economic status of the area.

Project ideas come from the local residents who are involved at all levels of project development from management, through delivery, to evaluation. It is hoped that capacity building and sustainability will be achieved through these processes. An active school holiday programme is run for children keen to explore athletics. Many of the local residents feel that although these facilities are on their doorsteps, they are priced to high to be available to them on a regular basis.

There are also five unused buildings in disrepair, spaces for around 40 cars this seems to be very busy during working hours. However many of the younger residents feel a stigma attached to shopping at this store. Also just outside the Ward boundary are Belle Vue shops which offer a selection of small local outlets. This guide was developed based on the shared experiences of several organizations working together in ways that embody the spirit of collaboration.

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Sloths were practically made to live in treetops their whole life which is basically what they do. Sloths leave their treetops mainly because of 3 reasons: to find food if the supplies in the treetops are scarce, to defecate or urinate on the jungle floor…. The reason behind this is, not only the employers have access this information, but the public in general.

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