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It is worth noting, that Mark Twain took his nickname from the time when he was working as a pilot on a steamboat. In most of his works, Twain remained a cheerful writer and remarkable humorist.

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Most of his works connected with the traditions of folk humor of America, which gives it a special charm to numerous stories, vivid national flavor. Twain saw funny things in the most minor events and about the most ordinary things he wrote ingeniously and wittily. He shown the mercenary spirit of the bourgeoisie, greed and unscrupulous politicians.

Twain was a very observant writer, a fine connoisseur of psychology and way of life of ordinary American people, bourgeois and petty-bourgeois environment. His grave is a monument to a height of two fathoms, as a tribute to a famous name. But the best monuments are his books, that will remain with us forever. A brilliant comedian and prankster, Twain remains true to himself, even after the death.

The last book he wrote was an autobiography. According to the wishes of the writer, the first volume of his autobiography was published in a century after his death, in November and this book instantly became a bestseller. The second volume is to be published in twenty-five years after the first in , and the third — after another twenty-five years in Rely on professional writers with your college paper and take a load off your mind.

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Save Your Time with JetWriters. Invest in Your Collegiate Peace of Mind! The personages in a tale, both dead and alive, shall exhibit a sufficient excuse for being there. This means no filler-folk — no wandering nobodies who turn up just to populate a given scene. For example, imagine if, in The Lord of the Rings , Gandalf was not a main character at all, but just someone who turns up in the Mines of Moria to neutralize the Balrog before disappearing.

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Such instances of Deus ex Machina — that is, instances where a seemingly insurmountable obstacle is suddenly and conveniently taken care of — butcher books. Steer clear! Like the more modern American writer Jennifer Egan , Twain puts a lot of weight on knowing your stuff before settling down to write. That is just the way with some people. A little of his genius might rub off on you.

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This means no filler-folk — no wandering nobodies who turn up just populate a given scene…. The articles are brief and informative. Good job, Fred. Thanks, and best of luck with your writing. Best, Fred.

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