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When customers need products fast, Chet Mullen of lift truck manufacturer Raymond Corporation rises to the occassion.

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Casebook Justine Brown. TAJ Flooring used a transportation management system to improve shipment and freight spend visibility. DC Solutions Inbound Logistics. Pepsi Logistics Company Inc. As director of logistics at Universal Lubricants, Bud Snodgrass keeps transportation and warehousing moving smoothly.

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Casebook Suzanne Heyn. SilverStaff, a medical testing lab, used a Web-based portal to improve shipment visibility of inbound specimens. Toolkit Suzanne Heyn. Faced with long lead times and potential production delays, Badcock Furniture and More invested in a cloud-based tool.

Jason Shefrin, executive vice president, global sourcing, at InterDesign Inc. Casebook Lisa Terry. Special print production needs prompted DC Comics to seek an overseas partner and rework its logistics. DC Solutions Suzanne Heyn. Retailer DSW's new replenishment materials handling solution improves inventory control and reduces in-store markdowns.

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As international business manager at Alarm. Toolkit Danielle Beurteaux. Kimberly-Clark China uses retail analytics tools to manage inventory and avoid stockouts at stores like Walmart. As director of purchasing at wine company Vino del Sol, Mara Gonzalez squeezes supply chain data from a business intelligence solution. TraveLog Joseph O'Reilly. Fast food chain In-N-Out upgrades a new distribution center for improved loading dock safety and efficiency.

Delivering temperature-sensitive flu vaccines to Laos required climate-controlled transport and impeccable timing. DC Solutions Cindy H.

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An order management system from DF Young and Superior Technology helps Cintron Beverage Company boost inventory accuracy, fulfill orders easily and quickly, and track products throughout the supply chain. A Web-based shipping tool helped an Alaskan outfitter develop multichannel fulfillment operations. Toolkit Cindy H. A new inventory management system by Manhattan Associates nurses Nature's Best's fulfillment operations back to health.

Larry Montreuil, director of supply chain management at JetBlue Airways, negotiates sourcing and purchasing deals that let the airline soar. By switching to lighter-weight containers and consolidating inbound shipments, construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar cut both carbon emissions and costs. Directing motor carriers to more fuel-efficient decisions drives Jason Mathers, senior manager, corporate partnerships at the Environmental Defense Fund.

As director of logistics at electrical wiring equipment manufacturer Leviton, Brian Morgan drives transportation efficiencies to meet complex customer requirements. As senior vice president, supply chain, at sustainable home goods company Bambeco, Sander Eth sows the supply chain with environmental principles. Casebook Joseph O'Reilly. Peruvian supermarket chain drives DC network realignment with a new cloud-based software as a service SaaS warehouse management system WMS. DC Solutions Marty Weil.

Toolkit Cindy Dubin. As global supply chain coordinator at satellite communications technology provider VT iDirect, William Gregory tunes into signals from trading partners in Africa to ensure regulatory compliance. Victor Hougan is set to soar in his new logistics position with aerospace supplier Primus International.

Food company Bob Evans entrusted Millard Refrigerated Services with its warehousing and distribution operations. The two businesses worked together to expand both their supply chain capabilities. For Michael Smyers, associate director, logistics, at chemical and transportation fuel products manufacturer Amyris in Emeryville, Calif. Toolkit Joseph O'Reilly. DC Solutions David Frentzel.

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Labor management systems help distribution centers and warehouse facilities monitor and measure worker performance to identify problems and improvement opportunities. Far-flung warehouses in remote western Canada created mobile device upgrade issues for wholesaler Federated Co-operatives Limited, but remote support solutions from Wavelink provided instant access and facilitated an upgrade to Psion Omnii handheld computers.

Amy Polt, operations supervisor of the Houston warehouse for The Mosaic Company, pieces together the elements of a safe and efficient supply chain. Faced with workflow inefficiencies, paper distributor and converter Roosevelt Paper implemented an automated data collection system from solutions provider Intermec that transformed its shipping and storage operations. Toolkit Beth Stackpole.

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DC Solutions Thomas G. Casebook Cindy H. Mexico-based automotive glassmaker Vitro Automotive opened a distribution center in the United States to serve Detroit automakers just-in-time requirements. Its long-time logistics service provider Evans Distribution Systems staffed the new DC for Vitro to ensure a quality workforce. With production already at capacity and limited room for expansion, visual technologies manufacturer Christie installed two Shuttle Vertical Lift Module VLM storage and retrieval systems from Kardex Remstar — recovering 70 percent floor space, doubling capacity, and cutting labor requirements in half.

Developing a customized warehouse management system WMS was a collaborative process for packaged food products direct-sales company Tastefully Simple and technology provider Softeon. John Snider, vice president of retail logistics at Do it Best Corp. Teamwork and communication play a major role in his management strategy. Electronics manufacturer Siemens switches from air freight to over-the-road transport for cross-border shipments from Mexico to the United States and Canada, cutting 35 percent from its transportation costs thanks to CFI Logistica.

Smart logistics: the case studies

Toolkit Lisa Terry. When a market search found no suitable transportation management system TMS for international air freight, the company decided to create its own, with help from solutions provider Acuitive Solutions. Don Riley, executive vice president of supply chain and technology at Denver, Colo. John Hodge, director of supply chain at Prince Agri Products, creates organizational efficiencies, reduces costs, and optimizes material flow.

Moving wind energy components requires considerable planning efforts and expense. Wind equipment manufacturer enXco Inc. Toolkit Bill Cornell.

Ice cream distributor Berliner scoops up savings with an automated direct store delivery solution that helps drivers manage customer information collected along their routes. DC Solutions Justine Brown. Thanks to a fleet of new forklifts, Interstate Warehousing is growing upwards rather than outwards. The Crown RM lift truck is helping it expand capacity and eliminate wasted space.

kharparewa.gq By helping tire importer TBC Corporation convert its inbound transportation to free-on-board FOB terms and control freight costs, American Global Logistics rolled out a supply chain transformation. Ryan Gellert, vice president, supply chain management, at mountain sports products company Black Diamond Equipment handles global demand planning, sales and operations planning, global procurement, logistics, and in-house customer service.

He views helping launch a new division in Asia as a pinnacle of his career. Casebook Dan McCue. Katie Reuland, director of operations at bedding manufacturer Down Etc. Casebook Perry A. David Fisher, director of global logistics at Johns Manville in Denver, promotes collaboration through the organization's supply chain departments worldwide and designates preferred carriers to promote strong partner relationships.

Computer carrying case manufacturer Targus gets a handle on duty drawback with global trade management software. Ron Harris, chief logistics officer at Young Living Essential Oils, talks about some of the people and experiences that helped to shape him as a logistics professional. Vehicle glass manufacturer Safelite increased distribution efficiency, enhanced customer service, and lowered costs by transforming its supply chain. Tomato canner Red Gold achieves percent inventory accuracy with QuikTrac data collection software from Integrated Barcoding Systems.

Toolkit Dan McCue. In the midst of organizational change, furniture retailer Design Within Reach upgrades its demand forecasting and replenishment system to better control inventory. David Ayers, lead business analyst, warehouse management, for tool manufacturer Lenox, rolls out SAP enterprise resource planning systems at sites worldwide. Colgate took more than four million miles out of its network while handling five percent more cases of product — and even managed to cut logistics costs, sharing the savings with customers and suppliers.

As vice president of supply chain at KPPS, Brian Hatfield oversees the network that brings the company's hair care products to salons across North America. For pet supply retailer PETCO, honoring its commitment to superior customer service meant finding a loyal logistics partner. Saara Chung, customer logistics manager at Campbell Soup Company, helps customers improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and boost their businesses. Eric Cohen, vice president of logistics for Waxie Sanitary Supply, puts his military experience to work to help the company reduce costs, improve service and manage human resources.

DC Solutions Lisa Terry. Natural pet food manufacturer WellPet partnered with Aspen Logistics and Kane is Able to improve its supply chain and warehousing operations. Joe Perillo, director of supply chain, logistics, and lean enterprise for PTR Baler and Compactor, leads through influence. A warehouse optimization project enables leather goods distributor Tandy Brands to better serve customers.

As vice president of supply chain at WireCo WorldGroup, Todd Stewart looks for cost reductions while improving service and delivery to customers.