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Submit it below in the comments for a free band score estimate. Tags: band 7. Therefore, I did not feel good after seeing 6.

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I wrote this essay with the same technique which I used in my earlier attempt where I got 8. I do not recall what exactly I wrote but I remember the overall structure. Below is what I wrote:. Introduction: I paraphrased most of the essay question. Body Passage 1: Here I mentioned that the personal events such as weddings, birthdays, graduations are very important for all of us. Personal events give us opportunities to meet our all the family members and this helps us to get strong bonds with them.

Festivals Celebrations Then and Now

Also, I mentioned that these events give us life long memories. Then I gave some relevant example that XYZ survey confirmed that people who attend or host some personal events, have stronger family ties.

Then I gave relevant example. Here, my doubt is, in 2nd body paragraph, I mentioned the reason why I think that people spend a lot of money on their private events which is because of strong job and business economy ; do you think this is not what examiner was looking for? Could you please give your input on this? I am thinking to go for EOR for Writing Module; but before I am looking for your advice on the structure and the ideas mentioned in this essay.

I am sorry to hear that you got only 6. It is important to read the question carefully before you write. Address all aspects of the given task. Hope that helps. Hi The sample which you have given donot have any linking words.

A Memorable Family Occasion Essay Example

Moreover, in concluding paragraph you have not mentioned in conclusion. It is not necessary to write…. Your ideas should flow from one sentence to another sentence. That is the purpose of using linking words. Actually, if you write carefully you can accomplish this even without using these expressions. The given essay presents a clear thought neatly. That is enough. Sample Essays. The groom can be a first cousin.

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However if the parents are not interest in the first cousin and think they are not sutiable enough, then the parents of the bride look for a another sutiable groom Heterosexual couples that have been married for about 8 years and live alone in their condo. The husband has a high school degree but the wife graduated from college.

He is self-employed and works as a mechanic while she works as a quality manager. Subsystems within the family include husband-wife, father-child, and mother-child. The couples have no other children Good Essays words 6. Moreover, it has now become a general celebration for students who are about to finish their upper secondary school years.

Aside from the russ costume, there are many other aspects to the russefeiring which were added over the years. One of such is making a russekort, russ card, where students essentially design a so-called business card. Throughout the russefering period, younger kids ask people with the red pants for their russ cards In her tiny, pudgy right hand she held the shammus, the host candle, and burned the wick until the flame was glowing brightly.

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Free Essays words 5. Halloween is a holiday celebrated by America every year on October 31st. Most Halloween traditions include decorating a home with skeletons, witches, bats and pumpkins. You may have attended a Halloween party, where you dress up in costume or have gone trick or treating. Pumpkin carving has been a wonderful family tradition celebrated for generations on Halloween.

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My Great Grandmother, Mary Darragh, brought the tradition with her over from Ireland and passed it along or our family to share from generation to generation Good Essays words 3 pages. The first example of a marriage ceremony was between Adam and Eve, back in the biblical era.

Halloween Essay: What it is All About?

The proof of this union can be found in the first testament where it is stated "At last, this is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. It also was the setting that gave birth to the importance of marriage before sexual intercourse. Good Essays words 4. These traditions have also evolved over a period of thousands of years. One common tradition that may seem very visible to outsiders is the traditional Japanese dress of the kimono. A kimono is a woven cotton undergarment.

This dress was the basic dress for the Japanese until more recently where it is customary to wear the kimono just for important celebrations. Good Essays words 3.