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Research on Heavy Rail Pre-Bending Vehicle Control Technology Based on Fuzzy Neural Network

Contains the higher degree research theses completed by Griffith graduates. Wine tourism is the dynamic interaction of the wine, tourism, and hospitality sectors.

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In China, wine tourism is an emerging phenomenon that has gained popularity in recent years. Predominant studies have focused on Western Sunstainable development principles suggest that health effects are associated with the result of complex issues affecting air, soil and water.

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In some areas in Indonesia, such as South Kalimantan province, water quality Higher vocational education HVE curriculum reform has been instituted in recent years by the Chinese government in response to economic imperatives. Reform policy has aimed to improve the performance of HVE colleges The study explores the practice, meaning and significance of invective and insults in political discourse among Ghanaians.

It examines the use of such language forms against people of higher social status in online discourse Tourism and travel play a significant role in helping people prioritize their physical, social and psychological well-being in their lives.

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By providing people with a time to disconnect from the stress and hassle of work Humanity is altering natural systems, removing habitat, causing extinctions and altering of natural cycles. Coastal and A major focus of my visual art practice has been to contribute to the un-silencing of family and Australian Indigenous community histories and heritage.

Un-silencing is my term to describe the personal and political acts Progressive collapse of structures caused by extreme or accidental loads may lead to significant loss of life and property. Considerable research efforts have been made to date to mitigate the probability of progressive This work of creative writing and the accompanying exegesis have their genesis in the silencing of a generation of Lithuanians, who were forcibly displaced to Australia during and after the Second World War.

Background Same day discharge SDD following percutaneous coronary intervention PCI is a safe way to optimise hospital resource use through reducing length of stay and decreasing healthcare costs. Not only choosing appropriate motor for the application, but also determining with which controller it should be controlled, is important. To determe this, it should be take into consideration the fact that conventional methods are not adequate for many applications and new technics are needed.

Neuro-fuzzy modelling and control of robotic manipulators

Because conventional controllers can only respond to linear applications, but it is not sufficient for non-linear applications and it can get affected easily with the environmental distrubances and it can have difficulties to track for for different parameters. Those reasons lead many users to intelligent controllers like Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Network. This thesis is fomed in three steps. In first steps, general knowledge which should be known are given with the title of introduction.