Writing a senior thesis in political science

One of the requirements of the Political Science major is the senior essay.

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All senior majors must complete and receive a passing grade on the essay in order to graduate. The student is responsible for becoming familiar with the Department guidelines and requirements for the senior essay. That information is available here:.

How To Write A Dissertation at Undergraduate or Master's Level

Click here for important information on the senior essay. Seniors planning to write a one—semester essay in the fall semester must submit a Fall Senior Essay Prospectus form signed by the faculty member who has agreed to advise the essay.

Department of Political Science

The signed form is due by Monday, September 9, for students writing the essay in PLSC a and by Wednesday, September 11, for students writing it in a seminar. Others will encourage you to begin writing early. Remember, you are taking two advanced seminars. Mid October: The thesis topic by this point should be more well-defined. For example, you may submit outline of thesis with estimated page lengths of different sections or perhaps a bibliography already read and to read. November: Before TG: Substantial progress in writing is expected.

For example, submit one chapter draft, preferably the chapter outlining argument or literature review. December: Before finals: More progress in writing and reading is expected in order to get feedback from your advisor before the end of the semester.


For example, submit second chapter draft and maybe a revised draft of November chapter. Winter break : What break?

You should be writing, writing, writing. January : Second Monday in January submit the first draft of your entire thesis.


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This is a very strict deadline because your faculty readers need time to review drafts before the semester begins in late January. One copy is for your advisor and one copy is for your second reader. Please list your advisor and second reader names on your title page. Before the submission deadline, you will also be assigned a third reader by the Department. Please contact your second reader the first day of the semester to schedule an appointment to receive comments on your draft.

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February: Devise a plan for revisions in consultation with your advisor. During the spring semester, you may find yourself doing multiple tasks e.

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April : First Monday in April submit final thesis.