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With this, each culture may have their own explanatory model for mental illness, but ours tends to focus on treatment through medication. Temple Grandin was an important influence on the idea of mental health because she had her own explanatory model of autism, and it helped to change the way the world would see and understand this disability.

She took her disability and used it in the most effective ways possible. Her own explanatory model helped Temple to define her differences in the way that she thinks through pictures, the situations that she knows are not the most comfortable for her, and also helped her to figure out ways in which to feel comforted in these difficult situations.

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Her mother also played a part in creating her own explanatory model for autism through bringing out all of these new discoveries in Temple. Through the endless work that her mother did, working with her day in and day out, sending her to school to work with amazing professors, and always supporting her, Temple was able to shamelessly become her true self. I think that this film would be influential to add to this course in the future because it brings up a different aspect of mental health.

Autism was not a huge part of the mental illness section within this course. The focus was more on illnesses such as schizophrenia, rather than disabilities such as autism.

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Although these mental illnesses come about in different ways, I still think that they can be dealt with and understand in similar aspects. Kleinman, Arthur, M.

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