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A teacher should be such that the students look forward to attending his classes.

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They should also be able to motivate their pupils, keeping in mind, the fact that they gain maximum knowledge. For a teacher, the day does not get over with the school bell. They need to grade students homework, assignments, projects and even prepare the next days lesson plan. In spite of this busy tiresome job, a good teacher remains calm and cool. The comfort and easiness with which a teacher handles the naughtiest fellow of the class and explains out the lesson with ease shows their real skill.

They need to have knowledge of a broad range of content in sufficient depth to convey the information in meaningful ways to the students. For secondary school teachers, it usually means having an in-depth command of one or two specific content areas such as mathematics or biology. Time is one of the most precious resources a teacher has. Good teachers have learned to use this resource wisely. Getting an essay written quickly and effectively is not easy, especially if you care about getting a good grade for your work. Some schools make collections from students to enable them have little fund to fix one or two things in the School.

Inadequate facilities: School facilities are the material resources that facilitate effective teaching and learning in schools, it makes instructions clearer and understandable. Jaiyeoba and Atanda commented that educational facilities are those things which enable a skillful teacher to achieve a level of instructional effectiveness that far exceeds what is possible when they are not provided.

Secondary schools in Niger state have Laboratories that were virtually empty, classes were over populated, some of these classes are without chairs and desks for students to sit and learn. Poor supervision of schools: Effective instructional delivery and maintenance of standards in the school system are enhanced through regular internal and external supervision.

The primary responsibility of inspectors is to see that high standards are maintained and that schools are run in accordance with the laid down regulations. While it has been argued that the principals have been discharging their duties as internal supervisors, the external supervisors inspectors from the Ministry of Education appear non-functional as they seldom visit schools to monitor the operations in these schools.

Frequent changes in policies: Unlike many countries where policies are consistent and adhered to, in Nigeria the case is different, no matter how good a policy is, once the government that enacted the policy is gone, then the policy will be affected too. For example, in our educational system there were series of changes, from , to system.

The rate of teacher attrition has become an issue to both policy makers and educational administrators which attracted series of research in both developed and developing nations. Kirby et. Their reports revealed attrition rate of 9.

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They added that the main reasons the teachers gave for leaving were work overload, poor pay, lack of respect, poor discipline and having to teach outside their subject. The implication of this analysis is that in few years coming there will be significant rise in the loss of teachers, because almost half of the population of the teachers teaching are within the age of 45 and above, by the next 15 years or there about almost half of teachers will leave teaching profession as a result of retirement and replacing this kind of experienced teachers will be very difficult.

In Norway, the rate of teacher attrition is low compared to United States and Britain. Schone revealed that 8.

In many African countries, the rate of attrition is alarming though the case is minimal in South Africa because of their improved economy and favourable condition of service compared to other African Nations. It was added that, not quite long, a new salary scale was approved for them which resulted in making their pay handsome together with increase in other remuneration. The rate of attrition according to them is higher among the white teachers which is about In Mafateng, the attrition rate among teachers is In Eastern part of Africa, from the data of Education Management Information System EMIS statistical bulletin reported that teacher attrition rate in Zambia has rapidly raised within four years, in the rate was 5.

The rate of teacher attrition among teachers in Niger State Secondary Schools is so alarming. In a report released by Niger State Secondary School Board the rate of attrition from was analysed. It was shown that as at the state has 12, teachers while in the same year a total of 1, which is about In , the number increased to 1, amounting to The number of teachers who exited the teaching profession in year was reported to increase to 1, which is about This shows consistent increase in teacher attrition in the state. Teachers are leaving the profession to other profession such as Immigration, Customs, Civil defence corps, Politics and other Civil service which has better payment.

One fundamental aspect of the report was that, from the year , the state has lost a total of 4, teachers as a result of attrition, which is about Out of the three educational zones, Minna educational zone has the highest rate of attrition with In addition, the rate of attrition was higher among male than female and within the early period of teaching career. Despite the attrition rate across all subjects, science subjects suffer the most.

Teaching Profession: Mother of all Professions

In the Board conducted Teachers Supply Analysis, they discovered that in Physics subject there are only 28 qualified teachers out of which 18 are contract staff, meaning that, they are either working somewhere but decided to take up a contract appointment because that will not warrant them to become permanent teachers. At this point, one may argue that one of the contributing factors for this high rate of attrition among Niger State Secondary School Teachers can be attributed to the fact that most of the Secondary Schools in the State were located in urban cities.

Teachers in these cities have access to mass media like; television, newspapers and Internet where job vacancies are advertised, so it is becoming easier for them to apply compared to their colleagues in remote areas where they are lacking the required amenities. Apart from teacher attrition which has already posed a trait to the teaching profession, one glaring issue discovered by some researches is teachers willingness or intention to leave teaching profession.

In a related research, Popoola realised that Reports from the media in Niger state has indicated that, whenever there is advertisement of vacant positions in Agencies, Ministries or Parastatal, majority of those attending interview are teachers, this may not be far from the fact that teachers are among the least paid workers in the civil service compared to the work they performed.

Ekundayo said "Teachers irregular promotion, low package when compared to other public workers societal perception of the job and many more dampened the morale of teachers". It is important to note that there is no actual percentage as regards to teacher attrition becoming a problem, because it varies widely between countries.


But researchers like Mulkeen A. Having discussed the issue of attrition in different parts of the world, it is deemed necessary to pinpoint some reasons why retention is important, as my proposed research is aiming at exploring factors in relation to teacher retention. So retaining them is very paramount, but one very important fact remained that, not all teachers are good, as good teachers influence students learning, bad teachers may end up imparting bad ideas to the students.

Guarino et al. This is a good idea because, retaining bad teachers is just like wasting resources hence they have little or no impact to schools, so flushing them out will even be better for schools in other to give chance for those that will come in and contribute positively. So the submission below and the entire research is aimed at focusing on the need for retaining good teachers. If teachers repeatedly leave a school before becoming competent in their practice, students will be taught by a string of teachers who are, on average, less effective than more experienced teachers.

It is good to examine the financial implications of inability to retain teachers. In a research has been conducted by the Texas Center for Educational Research. The implication of this is that, every year the state will continue to loose large sum of money if they were unable to retain their teachers, but if they can be able to retain them, there will be a large slide reduction on the anticipated amount to be wasted yearly as a result to teacher attrition. It is not surprising that bulk of researches on teacher retention has been conducted in the United States because of the huge amount of money they are loosing as a result of teacher attrition.

Nweke and Eads conducted their study in Georgia. In summary, it is clear that allowing teachers to quit out of the teaching profession has a huge financial implication as indicated above, so doing all possible best to retain teachers is necessary in other to avoid unnecessary spending, because the money that will be used in observing all the recruitment policy of new teachers, the time that will be wasted in the process counts a lot. Over the years, secondary school teachers in Niger state have complained of government inability to satisfy their needs.

Their salaries are not paid when month ends, their promotion is delayed and when implemented, the financial involvement is not paid from the time the promotion took place. The classrooms where they teach is over-crowded and in some cases, the children sit on the floor to learn NUT In line with these, Okpala added that, many secondary school children in Nigeria learn under the shade of trees while many sit on the floor to learn in their classrooms. This makes it difficult for the teacher to manage his class effectively.

Teaching Is the Best Profession (and Not Just Because of Summer)

Besides, government officials from the Ministry of Education, parents, and members of the community where they teach do not have respect for them. In support of that, Baiki stated that teachers at present time are not accorded the respect they deserved. In addition, to enhance their economy and improve their living standards most of them engage in other business ventures during the school period. The time and energy devoted to the business affect commitment to duty as a teacher and consequently hinders the performance of their students Nwuju and Uzoaru Moreover, Idogho states that when teachers are not adequately taken care of especially with regards to regular and prompt payment of their salaries and other entitlements, their attitude to work automatically changes, and the next thing is to start thinking of an alternative jobs.

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