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The men in the canoe are put off by this information and feel sorry for Huck and his father, so they put forty dollars on a piece of drift wood and tell Huck to take it.

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Huck thinks that if he does what Tom says, then he will be just as cool as his best friend. Later on in the novel this changes and he starts to form a mind of his own.

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So he thinks of a plan to take back the money that the duke and the dauphin took from them. But Huck was very sympathetic for the family and tried to his best extent to fix what the conmen had done. This is a situation that proves how far Huck has come from being told what to do and looking up to Tom.

He even cried earlier when he found out that Jim had been captured.

Huckleberry Finn's Ending

If he had been the same kid that he was before the adventures with Jim, he would have thought that it was the right thing for him to do by turning his friend in. Jim has feelings, thoughts, and even a family. In chapter 35, the two boys think of plans to get Jim out. Huck thinks of a short and easy plan, while Tom thinks of something more complicated. Tom also complains about how his Uncle Silas should have a watchman, watch dogs, a moat, and a handful of other obstacles that make their task harder to perform.

Tom gets his way, as usual, and they start stealing things that they need from Aunt Sally.

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At one point Jim even lifted his chain from underneath the bed and went outside to help the boys. If it was just Huck and Jim, they would have just left!

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It was like taking a few steps forward only to take twenty more backwards. At the end of the story Huck had reverted back to idolizing Tom and falling for all of his manipulative lies just as before. Downloading text is forbidden on this website. You can get this essay on your email.

Controversial Ending of Huck Finn essays

In learning so, Huck and Jim basically learn that going to such great lengths to protect Jim served no purpose because he was already free. He separates himself from society, gradually opening his mind toward the idea of befriending a black man. The ending, however, takes this accomplishment away from him.

Once Tom randomly appears in the ending, Huck somehow develops a sense of inferiority and is unable to make his own decisions. Downloading text is forbidden on this website.

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